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New Show and Shine format for 2019!

We’ve been busy over the winter considering a whole host of new things for the show this year and a major upgrade is the way in which we will operate our coveted show and shine competition.

As you may know already, in previous years the Kleers brand has operated the competition to great effect and for those that may not know, Kleers is also owned by us, the show organisers. We are changing the way Kleers works just now and as a result Kleers will not longer host the show and shine, instead it gives way to a more open and neutral setting for the competition, not fronted by a cleaning brand. So in a bold and revolutionary move, the show and shine will be judged by a hosting car club attending the event. There is no controversy over this decision, we feel that by removing Kleers from the process and introducing a new judging format, it will make the competition much more exciting and diverse.

What does this mean for you?

Prior to the event we will invite attending car clubs to apply to be this years hosting judges of the show and shine competition to give a much more accurate process of judging, done by other independent car enthusiasts on the day who will judge the cars on display according to the judging sheets and criteria set by the show. We will choose, in good time, a suitable club to host the judging and admin on the day for the benefit of all and announce the process to those entered.

Representatives from the nominated car club will judge the cars throughout the day.

In terms of the structure of the competition, it will take place in the same locations as previous events and still have a timetable of showing and presentations with the trophies supplied by the show organisers for presentation by the nominated club to the winning car category.

The categories for the competition are as follows:

Car of the Show | Best Custom | Best Tuned | Best Euro | Best Jap | Most Inspiring | Punters Choice [ voted by written slips and posted in a box by the public.

Trophies for the first place in each category will be presented at the event.

Entry to the competition is free and upon application each entrant will be given a car display pass to enable their car to park in the competition area. An entry ticket for the owner/passengers is still required for the show and can be purchased from the ticketing link on this site.

Entry is easy, just complete the form here online, hit the submit button and you’ll be logged for the competition. Around 3 days before the event you will receive any last minute instructions just as parking area confirmation and timings for judging and the awards presentation ceremony.

Should you have any additional questions about the show and shine, it is always best to email us on this address here

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you to the event and the competition.